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YouTube blocks US Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani from earning

The corporation said Tuesday that Rudy Giuliani, an American lawyer and activist who served as New York City’s 107th Mayor from 1994 to 2001, was briefly barred by Google’s YouTube¬†from earning money on his videos after he consistently ignored his rules against spreading election disinformation.

YouTube said it suspended Giuliani from its YouTube Affiliate Network, which provides some of the money created by advertising on their posts, as well as more comprehensive services and consumer service to the more popular developers of the website.

The move came after the personal attorney of former President Donald Trump spent months spreading unfounded and discredited conspiracies both on his YouTube channel and online about alleged election fraud.

Giuliani now faces Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.3 billion litigation over one of his claims. This week, after Giuliani circulated a conspiracy theory alleging Dominion stole the presidency, the corporation filed a lawsuit against him.

In recent times, from Trump to Steve Bannon, YouTube has taken action against a host of high-profile political personalities as it cracks down on democratic disinformation after the US Capitol attacks.

Following the failed insurrection, which left five dead and hundreds wounded, other social media outlets have since taken major regulatory actions.

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Both Facebook and Twitter have indefinitely removed former US President Donald Trump’s account . Snap and Twitch took similar acts, while one of their most popular Trump-related forums was shut down by popular social news aggregator, Reddit.

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