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YouTuber leaps off a bridge in a risky stunt, fractures skull just to get views

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Saa Fomba, a YouTube celebrity, posted a video of himself jumping off a bridge that perhaps predictably, ended in a catastrophe.

Prior to falling from the very top into the river below, Fomba climbed the bridge.

As he ascended the Pennybacker Bridge, high over the Colorado River, he told his supporters he wanted to leave a mark”

The caption on the video of Fomba reads: “You might see it as jumping for views, but I see more. I wasn’t built for just normal, I’m a dream chaser, I don’t settle for less, I will leave my mark on this planet we call earth our home. chase yours and leave your mark.”

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You see Fomba throwing his hands in the air in the video as he is standing on the bridge before jumping down as he sees rescuers emerging below.

He reaches the water with a thunderous force as he plunges into the canal, before being fully submerged.

Fomba reappears a few seconds later.

TMZ confirmed that the rescuers found that Fomba was wounded and called medical emergency technicians (EMTs).

Paramedics found Fomba lying down on the side of the water, where he was apparently clutching his head, CBS Austin reported.

Fomba reports that he suffered a broken skull and was rushed to the hospital after the incident for treatment.

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Fomba says in the almost 17-minute long song: “Hopefully this video motivates you to chase after your dreams. I don’t see no fun in living a normal life.”

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He send fans an update later from the hospital.

He says from the hospital: “I fractured part of my skull, bleeding a little bit. Then I have a tube running through my chest…”

Although the clip’s viewers expressed their gratitude that he was alive, for the “idiot” stunt, others branded him a “reckless”

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