Zabarmari Massacre : Villagers gave out information to Boko Haram Insurgents – DHQ claims


Some citizens of Borno State are sabotaging the military’s efforts by supplying Boko Haram, the Coordinator of Defence Media Operations Maj-Gen, with information on its movements and activities. John Enenche, on Monday, wrote.

Although answering questions, he talked about the murder of 45 farmers by insurgents at Zabarmari in Jere Local Government Area of Borno State when he appeared on the Sunrise Daily TV channel.

He said that intelligence obtained from the attack revealed that some of the insurgents had already cohabited with the villagers before they attacked.

Asked if the army had no previous intelligence on the attack, Gen. Enenche said the army wanted local knowledge to support its activity.

He said;

That was our concern. For us, it’s a problem. You need a guide, you need details. Are they going to tell us? That is a question we’ve got to think about. Eh, occasionally. And on certain cases, no. And that was one of the challenges we were seeking to resolve, through civil-military collaboration programs, reaching out to them even sending people to speak to them by proxy.

Those are the things that have been one of the ultimate performance bans in this entire operation. Our patrols are going to travel through the road, into a village.

Some people will be staring at you by the time you leave. The next thing when you come back is that you encounter an IED planted on the lane. And people have seen them, and they’re not going to tell you. So that’s the place where I think we’re all working as partners together.

And the knowledge can’t be squeezed out of individuals. You can’t do that just as they say you’re forcing a horse into the canal, just not drinking water. So what we’re trying to do is develop their confidence in the scheme and allow them to pretend like it’s not ideal for you. They do not want this to happen today, including the ones they have misled, that they are preaching to them.

As for the actual number of victims from the attack, Enenche said that, contrary to the UN assertion that more than 100 people were killed, 43 corpses have been identified by the military so far.

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According to him, the field commanders have given me a summary of what happened.” While the governor was about to leave and after the dead were rescued, the troops had to come in and they numbered 43.

We will actually count up to the figure he (Kallon) gave in the future, but what we have counted with the locals is only 43 as it is now and we hope we will not get beyond that.

That’s the true situation here. I haven’t eaten. We had to obey that because, being from the United States, this is really important.

Speaking on how to boost the efficiency of the military and the position of the service chiefs in that respect, Gen. Enenche said that while the military needs fresh ideas, it is best that they come from lower-ranking officers.

We need new thoughts, of course. Like I was at the Army War College graduation last week on Friday, by the way, I was the commander there before and what we’re doing from the moment we play now there’s what we call exercise star train, we have the same one at the National Defense College, also at the command and staff college of the armed forces, we’re now playing real lifetime exercise for the participants and students. They see that there are things that may be changed and their reports are presented. Those are new ideas and they’re dynamic.

So we get suggestions from the War Colleges, then the NDC, and we have preparation teams as well, and those are the people who come up with these opinions. I will tell you that the stuff we do steadily is never in the past. So, new ideas, that’s how we produce them from the different elements that I described.

The bottom-up methodology is my teaching. It is the mechanism of intercontinentality. It starts from the bottom-up, because now you’re going to look at it from the top. I was a commander, so that’s the way it goes.

You are not looking down at your subordinates and your junior commanders. The people on the ground are those. For the bottom-up strategy, you’ll get better at it. From my experience, it’s safer because if you go and hammer on them today, it means you lord it over your subordinates. They bring up their thoughts, and so you look at them now.

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